Year 2016

In August 2016 my youngest child was born. My firstborn had just turned three years, and the middle one was a year and a half. Do you guess what has become right after forest trips, cooking, Blaze and the Monster Machines, physical hobbies, shopping bags, laundries, bedtime stories, open nursery schools, sledding hills, Monday swimming, maternity clinic, naps, breast-feeding, pelvic floor muscles? Well … my company. But the main thing is, that I like this, I love children and it’s so wonderful to have many of them. I like the fact that my car has seven seats and there are many eaters in my table. It doesn’t matter if the company proceeds slowly a few years when there is many action-packed years to come ;D Partly for above mentioned reasons Suca Company brought 49 pairs of shoes from Italy to Finland in year 2016. That is 78 pairs less than year 2015.

During year 2016 Suca shoes were sold via Suca Companys own online store as well as OMB stores in Turku and in Tampere. Also Pop Up shops in Pori and in Helsinki sold Suca shoes and Luottovaate in Tampere rents Suca Shoes. In 2016 Suca’s retail contract with Bellissima ended. I haven’t had time to focus on new retail contacts (except for that one buyer in Stockmann which I have tried to disturb in time to time).

In year 2016 Suca started to get a little attention. Many things that took the company forward during year 2016 happened because someone spontaneously contacted Suca Comapany. It felt really good.

It is good to continue from here, stay tuned!


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