Thoughts about the press

I started to really think about this. Which professionals  we consider as benefactors? Nurses, firemans, sports clubs staff? What about journalists? Let me help you to see this from the eyes of a small entrepreneur. How many small companies have got more speed after someone wrote about them? The first writing may have been followed by a second writing etc. I don’t think journalists over long career remember all small entrepreneurs, which they have written about, but those entrepreneurs remember them, always. Also large companies most certainly remember those who wrote about them first. In 1991 Christian Louboutin opened his first shoe salong. According to Wikipedia, his first customer there was Princess Caroline of Monaco. She said something nice about the store when a fashion journalists was there and the rest is history. Mr. Louboutin created red soles two years after that. Well there you go. Journalists are certain kind of benefactors.

I created this brand, gave it out there and hoped it will be accepted. Now I enjoy about these little things:




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