Mentor, let’s talk

The latest order is coming from Italy to my doorstep. Almost entire order consists of pre-orders. This time I know that I have ordered right sizes, right colors, right models and I know I will sell the shoes immediately. This feels safe. After that I am able to make another order for spring, but at first I have to explore what it should contain.

Nowadays I often wish I had a Mentor, a successful Finnish designer, who has a lot of life experience and time to guide the younger one. Actually, it would often be helpful if someone could just say it happened to me too. I wonder if I have reached some kind of point in my entrepreneurship if I feel like I need someone who has went through the same? Same time you feel like your products are going to make it, it also scares you. What would happen then? I would read biographies if I had time, maybe there I would find an answer to this 🙂

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