Mentor, let’s talk

The latest order is coming from Italy to my doorstep. Almost entire order consists of pre-orders. This time I know that I have ordered right sizes, right colors, right models and I know I will sell the shoes immediately. This feels safe. After that I am able to make another order for spring, but at first I have to explore what it should contain.

Nowadays I often wish I had a Mentor, a successful Finnish designer, who has a lot of life experience and time to guide the younger one. Actually, it would often be helpful if someone could just say it happened to me too. I wonder if I have reached some kind of point in my entrepreneurship if I feel like I need someone who has went through the same? Same time you feel like your products are going to make it, it also scares you. What would happen then? I would read biographies if I had time, maybe there I would find an answer to this 🙂

Thoughts about the press

I started to really think about this. Which professionals  we consider as benefactors? Nurses, firemans, sports clubs staff? What about journalists? Let me help you to see this from the eyes of a small entrepreneur. How many small companies have got more speed after someone wrote about them? The first writing may have been followed by a second writing etc. I don’t think journalists over long career remember all small entrepreneurs, which they have written about, but those entrepreneurs remember them, always. Also large companies most certainly remember those who wrote about them first. In 1991 Christian Louboutin opened his first shoe salong. According to Wikipedia, his first customer there was Princess Caroline of Monaco. She said something nice about the store when a fashion journalists was there and the rest is history. Mr. Louboutin created red soles two years after that. Well there you go. Journalists are certain kind of benefactors.

I created this brand, gave it out there and hoped it will be accepted. Now I enjoy about these little things:




Year 2016

In August 2016 my youngest child was born. My firstborn had just turned three years, and the middle one was a year and a half. Do you guess what has become right after forest trips, cooking, Blaze and the Monster Machines, physical hobbies, shopping bags, laundries, bedtime stories, open nursery schools, sledding hills, Monday swimming, maternity clinic, naps, breast-feeding, pelvic floor muscles? Well … my company. But the main thing is, that I like this, I love children and it’s so wonderful to have many of them. I like the fact that my car has seven seats and there are many eaters in my table. It doesn’t matter if the company proceeds slowly a few years when there is many action-packed years to come ;D Partly for above mentioned reasons Suca Company brought 49 pairs of shoes from Italy to Finland in year 2016. That is 78 pairs less than year 2015.

During year 2016 Suca shoes were sold via Suca Companys own online store as well as OMB stores in Turku and in Tampere. Also Pop Up shops in Pori and in Helsinki sold Suca shoes and Luottovaate in Tampere rents Suca Shoes. In 2016 Suca’s retail contract with Bellissima ended. I haven’t had time to focus on new retail contacts (except for that one buyer in Stockmann which I have tried to disturb in time to time).

In year 2016 Suca started to get a little attention. Many things that took the company forward during year 2016 happened because someone spontaneously contacted Suca Comapany. It felt really good.

It is good to continue from here, stay tuned!


Ready to Pop Up?

I have now experienced three Pop Up shops. The first was POP UP Turku project in May 2015. POP UP Turku project  aimed to enliven the center of Turku by providing entrepreneurships empty business places rent free. The place where my business space was located was very quiet concerning the flow of customers, but my involvement brought other things and took the business forward that way. The second Pop Up shop was opened in commercial center Puuvilla in Pori in July 2016. The rent was quite big, because it was Pori Jazz festival week and SuomiAreena week, when the customer flow was bigger than normally. Sales during this week was okay, but compared to the costs this thing was also not a gold mine. However, the market value was so big, so this experience was definitely worth the effort. The third Pop Up experience of mine is currently on in a store called Urban Story in Helsinki. They sale and market my products for a fee. This pattern is ideal for me at this life situation (the due date of my third child is in couple of days).

I would say that it is better to measure the value of Pop Up shops in market value than in money. Pop Up shops gives visibility to the company and its products. I don’t think that in general Pop Up shops are moneymakers for companies, but I do believe that in some cases they can also be that if they are well-managed and well-developed. If a company has a product which is good to be tested before buying decision, like shoes, then being in the field with Pop Up shop makes sense. Pop Up shop can give a face for company’s online shop and its products. Customers are able to buy the product from Pop Up shop or later from online shop, but the main thing is, that they can try the product somewhere. Through Pop Up shops companies are quite risk-free able to try different environments to work and get valuable feedback directly from customers.

We opened Pori’s Pop Up shop  which was called ” Porin Poppari ”, together with my reseller OMB. I lived in my mother’s house in Pori with my sons during this period. The boys got to be in their Grandmothers nursery every time I was in the store. Shopping mall shops were open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 9 pm and in weekends the hours were a little shorter. I was there almost every day, but I made two full-length weekdays from 10 am to 9 pm and I have to admit that although my mother visited me during those days with the boys, I still drove to them in the evening  with tears in my eyes hoping that the boys would be still awake. The days in the store were full of pleasant encounters, many old friends of mine came to say hi and encouraging me and become inspired to tell their own stories related to shoes and fashion world. Friends and relatives supported and helped me many ways during this period. Without them, this Pop Up shop would not have been possible for me. The whole experience was really great and left good memories. I hope that in the future Pori’s Pop Up shop will be an annual thing. There are so many things that could be developed around it and also I would get a change to work in my hometown every summer.

Would you be ready to Pop Up? I know I am, in any minute now 😀

pop up

The story behind Suca No. 2 ballerinas

After few setbacks Suca No. 2 ballerinas came on the market in the beginning of June. Despite of that they were well received and quite soon I dared to make a small additional order from Italy.

Key ideas concerning Suca No. 2 ballerinas are timelessness, quality, comfort and everyday use. Because of the classical designing these shoes are timeless. They can be used this year and also in the coming years.  They are decent and elegant and users are able to walk with them the whole day. The last is comfortable and wide, but the shoes still look feminine and slender. They are suitable almost for every occasion. Upper, lining and sole are all made of leather. These ballerinas really have lining, which is rarely seen in ballerinas. It helps the shoe to last many years even it is in everyday use.

Suca No. 2 ballerinas are a perfect match for Suca No. 1 court shoes. You can take them with you and switch your court shoes to ballerinas when you are not able to walk with high heels anymore. And unlike Suca No. 1 court shoes, they can be used also when driving a car without damaging the shoe.

I chose four classical colors for these ballerinas: black, camel, red and denim blue. Black goes with everything, camel is perfect with denim outfits etc.






Blog cooperation, do it

My sister’s friend pointed out that I should contact ‘’that Jenny’’ for marketing purposes. I did’t know who she was talking about, but I went to see her Instagram account and her blog. She was a fashion blogger, who clearly did her own thing with a full heart. Often when I meet successful women who are strongly doing their own thing or women who have took brave steps in their lives, I feel really good for them and am really proud of them, I give them big thumbs up and think to myself -> go girl! This same feeling was there when I was reading Jenny’s blog. She seemed like the real thing and she had clearly received success for what she did. We shared same hometown with her, so it was kind of easy to start cooperation with her. Jenny wrote a story about Suca No. 1 court shoes in 28.2.2016. Suca Company got new Instagram followers and new Facebook followers right after that. Also visitor amount in Suca Company’s website increased.

Jenny Hyvönen final


In this context I of course red a little about blog cooperation. According to Consumer Protection Law blog marketing has to make clear its commercial purpose and tell the name of the company or the name of the product who is behind the marketing. If a blogger is a consumer who is blogging as a hobby he or she is not evaluated under the Consumer Protection Law, but an advertising company is in any case responsible for following the legislation. Main rule is, that the reader should not be under the influence of hidden advertising. The marketing company must make sure, that the bloggers will tell about the cooperation openly in connection with his or hers posts. The reader must recognize the commercial as commercial.

Suca Company should ask bloggers to write about the co-operation for example using following kind of sentences:

-In co-operation with Suca Company Ltd or in collaboration with Suca No. 1 product.

-Sponsored by Suca Company Ltd or sponsored by Suca No. 1 product.

-Got from Suca Company Ltd via blog.

-I got this for free / as a gift / as an evaluation / as a loan from Suca Company Ltd.

-This product has been evaluated in collaboration with Suca Company Ltd.


A little later, 03.03.2016, Suca Company was mentioned also in another blog post. This became purely as a fluke, it had no commercial cooperation contract behind it. Eija won Suca No. 1 court shoes via Instagram competition for herself and her friend, and later decided to write her blog about it. What she wrote was really wonderful. This also gave Suca Company more followers to Instagram and to Facebook and more website visitors.

Eija Nordlund final


Based on these experiences, I can definitely recommend using blog cooperation for marketing. It has incredible amount of power!

Year 2015

Year 2015 was first operational year for Suca Company. The webshop and blog was opened in January 2015 and many shoe deliveries came from Italy during the year. Altogether Suca Company imported 127 pair of shoes from Italy to Finland in 2015. Suca Company approached seven companies concerning retail contracts. Two of those led to retail contracts during 2015. Suca Company’s Facebook pages (Suca Shoes) were opened in May and Instagram pages (SUCA_SHOES) in November.

In February 2015 my second baby boy was born. The first was 1 year and 5 months old at that time. I have enjoyed being at home with the boys and I have had very little time for Suca Company. In these circumstances I am satisfied with the sales and I am therefore ready to bring the second design to the market during this spring. I am going to give it to you in three different colors. Again, let’s see what happens.

The most popular blog post in this year definitely was this:

The most popular Facebook post reached 2444 people without any paid marketing. At that time Suca Company had about 100 likers. The most popular Facebook post was this:


There are still 11 days time to participate to the competition!

Grap so adorable picture of yourself that we can not do anything else than choose you as a winner. Share your picture with the hashtag #musthavesucashoes, follow us on Instagram and like our competition post on Instagram.

Instagram and Facebook are not involved in this competition.”

Concerning Instagram I don’t dare to say which post was most popular. I have not learned how to use the statistics well enough yet, but I will return to this topic later.

Through Suca Company I have learned…well…a lot during year 2015! And I promise that next year Suca Company will continue to turn high. Isn’t it important to always turn high whatever it is that you are doing?!? Of course, first you need to decide what the high means to you. Eventually, I don’t really care when I see the summit if I ever see it, it’s the ride I enjoy.




Happy New Year Everyone!

Rules and Regulations for Suca No. 1 Instagram competition

Rules and Regulations for Suca Company’s Suca No. 1 Instagram competition

  1. Organizer

Suca Company Ltd

Business ID: 2577449-1

  1. Start date and end date

The competition starts on Thursday December 3th 2015 and ends on Thursday December 31th 2015 at midnight (Finnish time).

  1. Eligibility

You can participate in this competition between Thursday December 3th 2015 and Thursday December 31th 2015 by following Suca Company on Instagram, by lliking Suca Company’s Instagram picture and by taking a picture of you and publishing it on Instagram with the hashtag #musthavesucashoes. Remember that the person who shares the picture must have public profile so we can see the picture. The photo should reflect how much you want to have Suca No. 1 court shoes for yourselves and for your friend. The funnier the picture, the better. The person sharing the picture and participating in the competition must have permission from all individuals appearing in the picture.

Participation is free of charge. All participants must have read and accepted these rules. The organizer reserves the right to remove fraudulent participants from the competition. All content that is offensive or disturbing to others will be removed.

Participation is open to all individuals who are over eighteen years old. People who have been involved in arranging this competition do not have the right to participate.

  1. Selection of the winner

The winner of the competition will be selected during Friday January 1th 2016 and Sunday January 3th 2016 by the organizer. The winner will be announced on Monday January 4th 2016 on Suca Company’s Instagram and Facebook pages as well as on Suca Company’s blog.

Competition pictures, which have arrived after Thursday December 31th 2015 will not be accepted in the competition. The organizer is not responsible for any issues related to telecommunication connections regarding this competition.

Suca Company has the right to publish the pictures participating in this competition on Suca Company’s  Instagram and Facebook pages as well as Suca Company’s blog. Suca Company has the right to publish the name and place of the winner. By participating in this competition, the winner agrees that the organizer may interview the winner and publish articles of her/him.

  1. Prizes

The organizer will select the winner among all friends, who have participated in this competition. The organizer gives the winner two pairs of Suca No. 1 court shoes (a 159€). The organizer will pay for possible lottery tax.

The prizes are personal and can not be exchanged to cash or any other product.

More detailed instructions on how to redeem the prize will be sent to the winner once the selection has been made. If the winner can not be reached within two weeks , the organizer has the right to select a new winner.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes in case of any obstacles.

  1. Marketing authorization

Contact details of participants will only be used to complete the winner selection. Contact details will not be released to any parties outside Suca Company. Suca Company is committed to protecting your privacy. Finnish laws and regulations of privacy protection will be followed when handling contact details.

  1. Liability

Liability of the organizer on any basis concerning all participants together does not exceed the volume and value of the prizes mentioned in these official rules. Winners of the competition relieve the organizer of all liabilities, which may arise from participating in this competition or from redemption or usage of the prizes.

Instagram and Facebook are not in any way involved in this competition. The organizer of this competition and all participants of this competition relieve Instagram and Facebook of all responsibility concerning this competition.

  1. The rules apply to all participants

By participating in this competition all participants agree to follow these competition rules.

The organizer reserves the right to change the rules.

uusi kisakuva


If some business area brings you unnecessary stress, outsource it

If you feel like some business area in your company is bringing you too much stress, outsource it. It will take away the biggest burden and release you to work more with things you like. I believe it will have big influence to your success. For me this business are is accounting. It is not the most unfamiliar area for me, but it certainly is hard to start.

When I was starting this business I already knew who would be the best bookkeeper for me. A friend of mine, who always makes me to believe, that everything is possible.  We see each other very rarely, but inspite of that, she has incredibly inspiring effect on me. It is just great, that this way I have been able to turn this most stressful business are of mine into something I look forward working with.

Today I took my whole family with me and we went to visit her and her family. We had really nice time together and on the way home I again realized, that I was dreaming all kind of things and I also felt like I was able to do them all. Hey world, here I come 🙂 <3


Suca Company now on Instagram

I finally created Instagram account for Suca Company. My friend, who is experienced Instagram user, said, that it is better to perform there as Suca Shoes rather than Suca Company. And that’s what I did. I searched information about Instagram marketing and found many good tips concerning best performing posts. I also found information about applications, which are made in order to follow and measure Instagram activities. Some of these applications were free of charge and some of them were not. Most famous of these applications seems to be Iconosquare, which still offers the most simple statistics free of charge. I believe I got some sort of overdose when I was reading this multiform information about these applications, but I was still thinking, that I will learn how to use Iconosquare little by little. However, I will mainly concentrate on updating my Instagram account on regular basis. And in the end, best way to measure company’s Instagram activities is to follow if awareness of the company is increasing and if the sales of the company is increasing. I just uploaded the first update to my Instagram account, it was fun and if it was fun, it should be working!