Ready to Pop Up?

I have now experienced three Pop Up shops. The first was POP UP Turku project in May 2015. POP UP Turku project  aimed to enliven the center of Turku by providing entrepreneurships empty business places rent free. The place where my business space was located was very quiet concerning the flow of customers, but my involvement brought other things and took the business forward that way. The second Pop Up shop was opened in commercial center Puuvilla in Pori in July 2016. The rent was quite big, because it was Pori Jazz festival week and SuomiAreena week, when the customer flow was bigger than normally. Sales during this week was okay, but compared to the costs this thing was also not a gold mine. However, the market value was so big, so this experience was definitely worth the effort. The third Pop Up experience of mine is currently on in a store called Urban Story in Helsinki. They sale and market my products for a fee. This pattern is ideal for me at this life situation (the due date of my third child is in couple of days).

I would say that it is better to measure the value of Pop Up shops in market value than in money. Pop Up shops gives visibility to the company and its products. I don’t think that in general Pop Up shops are moneymakers for companies, but I do believe that in some cases they can also be that if they are well-managed and well-developed. If a company has a product which is good to be tested before buying decision, like shoes, then being in the field with Pop Up shop makes sense. Pop Up shop can give a face for company’s online shop and its products. Customers are able to buy the product from Pop Up shop or later from online shop, but the main thing is, that they can try the product somewhere. Through Pop Up shops companies are quite risk-free able to try different environments to work and get valuable feedback directly from customers.

We opened Pori’s Pop Up shop  which was called ” Porin Poppari ”, together with my reseller OMB. I lived in my mother’s house in Pori with my sons during this period. The boys got to be in their Grandmothers nursery every time I was in the store. Shopping mall shops were open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 9 pm and in weekends the hours were a little shorter. I was there almost every day, but I made two full-length weekdays from 10 am to 9 pm and I have to admit that although my mother visited me during those days with the boys, I still drove to them in the evening  with tears in my eyes hoping that the boys would be still awake. The days in the store were full of pleasant encounters, many old friends of mine came to say hi and encouraging me and become inspired to tell their own stories related to shoes and fashion world. Friends and relatives supported and helped me many ways during this period. Without them, this Pop Up shop would not have been possible for me. The whole experience was really great and left good memories. I hope that in the future Pori’s Pop Up shop will be an annual thing. There are so many things that could be developed around it and also I would get a change to work in my hometown every summer.

Would you be ready to Pop Up? I know I am, in any minute now 😀

pop up