The story behind Suca No. 2 ballerinas

After few setbacks Suca No. 2 ballerinas came on the market in the beginning of June. Despite of that they were well received and quite soon I dared to make a small additional order from Italy.

Key ideas concerning Suca No. 2 ballerinas are timelessness, quality, comfort and everyday use. Because of the classical designing these shoes are timeless. They can be used this year and also in the coming years.  They are decent and elegant and users are able to walk with them the whole day. The last is comfortable and wide, but the shoes still look feminine and slender. They are suitable almost for every occasion. Upper, lining and sole are all made of leather. These ballerinas really have lining, which is rarely seen in ballerinas. It helps the shoe to last many years even it is in everyday use.

Suca No. 2 ballerinas are a perfect match for Suca No. 1 court shoes. You can take them with you and switch your court shoes to ballerinas when you are not able to walk with high heels anymore. And unlike Suca No. 1 court shoes, they can be used also when driving a car without damaging the shoe.

I chose four classical colors for these ballerinas: black, camel, red and denim blue. Black goes with everything, camel is perfect with denim outfits etc.