Year 2015

Year 2015 was first operational year for Suca Company. The webshop and blog was opened in January 2015 and many shoe deliveries came from Italy during the year. Altogether Suca Company imported 127 pair of shoes from Italy to Finland in 2015. Suca Company approached seven companies concerning retail contracts. Two of those led to retail contracts during 2015. Suca Company’s Facebook pages (Suca Shoes) were opened in May and Instagram pages (SUCA_SHOES) in November.

In February 2015 my second baby boy was born. The first was 1 year and 5 months old at that time. I have enjoyed being at home with the boys and I have had very little time for Suca Company. In these circumstances I am satisfied with the sales and I am therefore ready to bring the second design to the market during this spring. I am going to give it to you in three different colors. Again, let’s see what happens.

The most popular blog post in this year definitely was this:

The most popular Facebook post reached 2444 people without any paid marketing. At that time Suca Company had about 100 likers. The most popular Facebook post was this:


There are still 11 days time to participate to the competition!

Grap so adorable picture of yourself that we can not do anything else than choose you as a winner. Share your picture with the hashtag #musthavesucashoes, follow us on Instagram and like our competition post on Instagram.

Instagram and Facebook are not involved in this competition.”

Concerning Instagram I don’t dare to say which post was most popular. I have not learned how to use the statistics well enough yet, but I will return to this topic later.

Through Suca Company I have learned…well…a lot during year 2015! And I promise that next year Suca Company will continue to turn high. Isn’t it important to always turn high whatever it is that you are doing?!? Of course, first you need to decide what the high means to you. Eventually, I don’t really care when I see the summit if I ever see it, it’s the ride I enjoy.




Happy New Year Everyone!