Rules and Regulations for Suca No. 1 Instagram competition

Rules and Regulations for Suca Company’s Suca No. 1 Instagram competition

  1. Organizer

Suca Company Ltd

Business ID: 2577449-1

  1. Start date and end date

The competition starts on Thursday December 3th 2015 and ends on Thursday December 31th 2015 at midnight (Finnish time).

  1. Eligibility

You can participate in this competition between Thursday December 3th 2015 and Thursday December 31th 2015 by following Suca Company on Instagram, by lliking Suca Company’s Instagram picture and by taking a picture of you and publishing it on Instagram with the hashtag #musthavesucashoes. Remember that the person who shares the picture must have public profile so we can see the picture. The photo should reflect how much you want to have Suca No. 1 court shoes for yourselves and for your friend. The funnier the picture, the better. The person sharing the picture and participating in the competition must have permission from all individuals appearing in the picture.

Participation is free of charge. All participants must have read and accepted these rules. The organizer reserves the right to remove fraudulent participants from the competition. All content that is offensive or disturbing to others will be removed.

Participation is open to all individuals who are over eighteen years old. People who have been involved in arranging this competition do not have the right to participate.

  1. Selection of the winner

The winner of the competition will be selected during Friday January 1th 2016 and Sunday January 3th 2016 by the organizer. The winner will be announced on Monday January 4th 2016 on Suca Company’s Instagram and Facebook pages as well as on Suca Company’s blog.

Competition pictures, which have arrived after Thursday December 31th 2015 will not be accepted in the competition. The organizer is not responsible for any issues related to telecommunication connections regarding this competition.

Suca Company has the right to publish the pictures participating in this competition on Suca Company’s  Instagram and Facebook pages as well as Suca Company’s blog. Suca Company has the right to publish the name and place of the winner. By participating in this competition, the winner agrees that the organizer may interview the winner and publish articles of her/him.

  1. Prizes

The organizer will select the winner among all friends, who have participated in this competition. The organizer gives the winner two pairs of Suca No. 1 court shoes (a 159€). The organizer will pay for possible lottery tax.

The prizes are personal and can not be exchanged to cash or any other product.

More detailed instructions on how to redeem the prize will be sent to the winner once the selection has been made. If the winner can not be reached within two weeks , the organizer has the right to select a new winner.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes in case of any obstacles.

  1. Marketing authorization

Contact details of participants will only be used to complete the winner selection. Contact details will not be released to any parties outside Suca Company. Suca Company is committed to protecting your privacy. Finnish laws and regulations of privacy protection will be followed when handling contact details.

  1. Liability

Liability of the organizer on any basis concerning all participants together does not exceed the volume and value of the prizes mentioned in these official rules. Winners of the competition relieve the organizer of all liabilities, which may arise from participating in this competition or from redemption or usage of the prizes.

Instagram and Facebook are not in any way involved in this competition. The organizer of this competition and all participants of this competition relieve Instagram and Facebook of all responsibility concerning this competition.

  1. The rules apply to all participants

By participating in this competition all participants agree to follow these competition rules.

The organizer reserves the right to change the rules.

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If some business area brings you unnecessary stress, outsource it

If you feel like some business area in your company is bringing you too much stress, outsource it. It will take away the biggest burden and release you to work more with things you like. I believe it will have big influence to your success. For me this business are is accounting. It is not the most unfamiliar area for me, but it certainly is hard to start.

When I was starting this business I already knew who would be the best bookkeeper for me. A friend of mine, who always makes me to believe, that everything is possible.  We see each other very rarely, but inspite of that, she has incredibly inspiring effect on me. It is just great, that this way I have been able to turn this most stressful business are of mine into something I look forward working with.

Today I took my whole family with me and we went to visit her and her family. We had really nice time together and on the way home I again realized, that I was dreaming all kind of things and I also felt like I was able to do them all. Hey world, here I come 🙂 <3


Suca Company now on Instagram

I finally created Instagram account for Suca Company. My friend, who is experienced Instagram user, said, that it is better to perform there as Suca Shoes rather than Suca Company. And that’s what I did. I searched information about Instagram marketing and found many good tips concerning best performing posts. I also found information about applications, which are made in order to follow and measure Instagram activities. Some of these applications were free of charge and some of them were not. Most famous of these applications seems to be Iconosquare, which still offers the most simple statistics free of charge. I believe I got some sort of overdose when I was reading this multiform information about these applications, but I was still thinking, that I will learn how to use Iconosquare little by little. However, I will mainly concentrate on updating my Instagram account on regular basis. And in the end, best way to measure company’s Instagram activities is to follow if awareness of the company is increasing and if the sales of the company is increasing. I just uploaded the first update to my Instagram account, it was fun and if it was fun, it should be working!