Chin up

During several weeks I put a lot of effort to one occasion which I thought would be a breakthrough for my company. However it didn’t work out. It took me few hours to overcome the worst disappointment and few days to feel like I was  ready to go again. However, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do next. I wasn’t able to grasp anything. This setback left this puzzlement behind. I had been sure, that next months my company will be working with all kind of things, which are consequences from this one occasion. I was confused. Until now, I had always felt like I knew what I was doing. As a mother of two and as a part-time entrepreneur I would somehow like to know that I am doing right things for my company 😀 Finally I understood, that all I needed was a whole new plan. I had been so confused with my own doing, that I didn’t understand this obvious thing. Making new plan was something I was able to grasp and it came easily.

It is good to remember, that although companies often appear impersonable, there are always a person or people behind them. There is one sensitive person behind my company, not extremely sensitive, but sensitive. I think that in relationships and in business sensitivity is a resource. However, I don’t know what will happen if an entrepreneur or especially a limited company is openly sensitive and admit that it has been lost. Despite of this I still want to tell the story of Suca Company as it is. I feel like this sensitivity of mine has always lead me to right questions and has that way helped me to find right direction.


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