Give it time and remember Google Analytics

At first business blog needs time. This blog it took at least half year to find people who returned to the blog over and over and over again. More and more of those people have now also given me a present, comment. It feels good to have a comment. Those help blogger to understand, that numbers behind statistics in Google Analytics are actually people.

Anyone who is going to start the business blog, or any other web page, should open Google Analytics account right from the start. It cost nothing but a little effort and is certainly worth it. With Google Analytics you are able to for example find out where your visitors are from, how long they stay in your pages and what page they look the most. This information helps you to develop your actions further. How handy.

As well as business blog needs time to find the right people, the blogger needs time to get used to the new situation. One of the great things in blogging is, that you never know what is going on elsewhere. Someone somewhere might get value from your blog at the same time you are standing in the nearest playground wearing rubber boots and spending time with your kids. All your work might bring results anytime. Right now I have a feeling that something great is going to happen for Suca Company, something that will take the company forward again.