Card reader

Four months ago Suca Company needed to acquire a card reader. I ended up ordering iZettle from the internet. I ordered it on Saturday and I got it on Tuesday morning. In the same day I downloaded iZettle app to my smartphone. After this I was ready to accept card payments anywhere and anytime. At this point, I hadn’t had any costs concerning this card reader.

Ordering iZettle and doing all required actions were quick to make. iZettle takes commission from each payment. Customer pays the price of my product, 159 €, and iZettle pays 154.63 € to my company’s account. Their commission is therefore 4.37 per payment. Money moves to the company’s account quickly. I also get a message to my email when the transmission has been done.

iZettle can be connected to your smartphone or to your iPad and it can also be loaded for example with laptop. Receipt of customer’s payment can be sent to customer’s e-mail address immediately after payment. Of course the receipt can also be printed out if you have a printer in use.

Isn’t this just brilliant. Go Izettle! This is an excellent option to the companies whose business has just started or to the companies, who rarely receive card payments.



Sizes 32 32,5 33 33,5 34 34,5 35 35,5

The owner of Bellissima, Jaana Tujula, has supported Bellissimas and Suca Companys co-operation from the very beginning. It has made me very happy, because I feel like Bellissima is representing all the same things than Suca Company represents: good quality of the products, good customer service and big heart.

Bellissima sell sizes 32-35 and sizes 42-46. We have very few of these stores in Europe. We also have very few designers who have these sizes in their collections. Bellissima sells Suca No. 1 court shoes in sizes 32  32,5  33  33,5  34  34,5  35  35,5  and  36.