Less is more

I was once in Milan with my friend and one night we were getting ready to see Milan nightlife. My friend donned a little black dress and a lot of jewelry. She pointed out one of the ten bracelets in her hand and asked if it was too much to ware it. We looked at each other and started to laugh. Both of us knew, that in a same situation I would have dressed only one bracelet, the most simple one. All the jewelries however matched perfectly to my friend, she carried them nicely. She always looks good. I am looking forward to see what kind of outfits she wears with Suca No. 1 court shoes.

I have been thinking about Suca Company’s marketing. Somehow I believe that the saying “be yourself” is suitable also for companies. If the company is able to do that and it has a clean heart, it does not need any pompous marketing. Suca Company only has to find its own people. Those who can really get added value from it. Les is more also in this are for me and my company. I believe, I can carry my own style. If I would go and do something different concerning marketing or any other are, I may not succeed.

My another good friend, Jenni, is singing about the same theme in a song called “less is more”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2DBkfwWzYs Oh how I just love this song!


How to take good care about Suca No. 1 court shoes

This classical leather court shoe is a long-term investment and it is possible to lengthen its lifecycle even more with right treatment.

Quality leather court shoes always shape to fit perfectly to their user. However, the shoes has to be used several times until the formation is perfect. That is why you should give your new court shoes a little bit time until you wear them in a party, which last all day. If you feel like one shoe or both shoes are squeezing too much at some place, I recommend you to turn to a cobbler and ask him to stretch the shoes accordingly. That way you will be able to enjoy your new shoes faster. You should however remember, that shoes will only form in the width direction. If the length seems problematic, you have selected a wrong size.

Use the moisture protection spray, which is meant to be used with grain leather shoes. It will prevent the shoes to get wet and help them to isolate the cold weather. The spray will also help to prevent so-called drying stripes. The spray still allows the moisture of the foot to get through the shoe, which is of course a good thing. Leather shoes breath and keep your feet healthy that way. The sweat can also easily evaporate from the court shoe when the shoes are not in use.

The upper of the shoe should also be greased every now and then with a cream, that is meant to be used with grain leather shoes. If the shoes are dirty, you should clean them with some rag before the treatment.

The heelpiece should be change before the nail touches the floor. You should tell to your cobbler what kind of situation you mostly use the shoes. You should also tell him if you want your new heelpieces to clob a lot or a little. It is also possible for your cobbler to change different kind of outsoles to your shoes if you use your shoes a lot in slippery or humid weather.

If you for example use your shoes only in parties and you know, that the shoes will be without any use a longer time, you should take the paper tip and the lath, which came with the shoes and set them in their place before storing the shoes.

I also want to note, that it would be good to avoid driving a car with these shoes, because the carpet under the car pedals might scratch the leather heels.


This is the best part!

I have been dreaming about this for many years. Great, that my first shoe design, Suca No. 1, is finally here, available for everyone. Designing the shoe and refining the details of it has taken a lot of time.

Suca No. 1 is classical and high-quality court shoe for women. All outfits look better with this pair. The pair should be found from every woman’s shoe selection, especially those who like classy look. These shoes are a perfect friend to be taken along for the trip. They can certainly redeem their place as better shoes.

I am excited to see how the company and the first design will be received, let’s see what happens! I will keep you posted. Let’s hope, that there will be enough sales, so I dare to bring another design for sale.