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My sister’s friend pointed out that I should contact ‘’that Jenny’’ for marketing purposes. I did’t know who she was talking about, but I went to see her Instagram account and her blog. She was a fashion blogger, who clearly did her own thing with a full heart. Often when I meet successful women who are strongly doing their own thing or women who have took brave steps in their lives, I feel really good for them and am really proud of them, I give them big thumbs up and think to myself -> go girl! This same feeling was there when I was reading Jenny’s blog. She seemed like the real thing and she had clearly received success for what she did. We shared same hometown with her, so it was kind of easy to start cooperation with her. Jenny wrote a story about Suca No. 1 court shoes in 28.2.2016. Suca Company got new Instagram followers and new Facebook followers right after that. Also visitor amount in Suca Company’s website increased.

Jenny Hyvönen final


In this context I of course red a little about blog cooperation. According to Consumer Protection Law blog marketing has to make clear its commercial purpose and tell the name of the company or the name of the product who is behind the marketing. If a blogger is a consumer who is blogging as a hobby he or she is not evaluated under the Consumer Protection Law, but an advertising company is in any case responsible for following the legislation. Main rule is, that the reader should not be under the influence of hidden advertising. The marketing company must make sure, that the bloggers will tell about the cooperation openly in connection with his or hers posts. The reader must recognize the commercial as commercial.

Suca Company should ask bloggers to write about the co-operation for example using following kind of sentences:

-In co-operation with Suca Company Ltd or in collaboration with Suca No. 1 product.

-Sponsored by Suca Company Ltd or sponsored by Suca No. 1 product.

-Got from Suca Company Ltd via blog.

-I got this for free / as a gift / as an evaluation / as a loan from Suca Company Ltd.

-This product has been evaluated in collaboration with Suca Company Ltd.


A little later, 03.03.2016, Suca Company was mentioned also in another blog post. This became purely as a fluke, it had no commercial cooperation contract behind it. Eija won Suca No. 1 court shoes via Instagram competition for herself and her friend, and later decided to write her blog about it. What she wrote was really wonderful. This also gave Suca Company more followers to Instagram and to Facebook and more website visitors.

Eija Nordlund final


Based on these experiences, I can definitely recommend using blog cooperation for marketing. It has incredible amount of power!

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